Church History

 First Church of God in Baltimore, Md had it's humble beginnings in the early 1900’s when a young man moved from Federalsburg, Md. In 1901 to seek employment at the shipyards. JW Dawson was eager to start a congregation in Baltimore, and invited people to his home for prayer and Bible study. As the numbers began to increase, a hall was rented to hold revival services.
During these meetings, a young man named James Harmon gave his life to the Lord, and became a vital presence in the new congregation for years to come. The first church meeting took place in a small vacant store on Elliott and East Avenue in 1910. In 1913, Rev. Amanda Brown was called to be pastor.
As the congregation continued to grow, the church moved to an old Methodist church on Philadelphia Rd. At this location many tent meetings were held, and the congregation became very involved in the spiritual growth of the community. They were also instrumental in starting boys and girls scout troops to provide a safe environment for the neighborhood children.
Plans for the present building at 4801 Sipple Ave began in 1959, and the dream became a reality in March of 1968. Since the beginning of the First Church of God, now known as Transforming Life Church of God, seventeen (17) pastors have been instrumental in the spreading of the Gospel since JW Dawson.