Ministry Leaders

We are in the business of Transforming Lives.  The transformation starts with you, but you are not alone.  Here at Transforming Life Church of God, we have Ministry Leaders that are here to help you. 

Ministry Leaders of
Transforming Life Church of God

Pastor Biggers
Pastor David Biggers
Pastor Of Transforming Life Church of God


Brother Elbert - Council Member 
Brother Elbert Matthews
Grounds/Property Ministry
(Council Member)

 Brother James - Council Member
Brother James Henson
Men of Purpose Leader/Sunday Spiritual Enrichment Class
(Council Member)

Sister Laura - Historical Comittee
 Minister Trudy Moore
 Associate Minister
 Kingdom Daughters Leader/Music Ministry

Sister Nicole
 Minister Nicole Biggers
 Marriage Ministry/Bookstore

Brother Tyson - Security
Brother Adrian Tyson
Security Ministry/Young Men Mentorship

Sister Aeriel
Sister Aeriel
Culinary Ministry

Sister Barbera
Sister Barbera
Frankford County Improvement Association

  Minister Raymond Ellis
  Minister of Music

Makayda - Administrative Ministry
Sister Makayda 
Administration Ministry

Sister Fanny
Sister Fannie DeCator
Christian Education Ministry

Sister Fern Campbell
Poetry Ministry (Council Member)

Minister Eugenia Tyson
CWC President

Minister Matthew Hamilton
New Members Ministry
Mens Mentorship

Sister Henson - Youth Chior Director
Sister Barbara Henson
Youth Advisor - Women 

Sister Kim
Sister Kim Gilliam
Clothing Bank Ministry

Sister Marie
Sister Marie Lonesome
Ushers Ministry


Brother Malcolm Boykin
Transportation Ministry
 (Council Member)

Sister Niola Council Member 
 Sister Niola Matthews
 Finance Ministry (Council Member)


Sister Salina and Savanna Wiggins
Youth Ministry Leaders

*Elder Faye Robinson
 Children Sunday School/Bible Study

Sister Sabrina - Spiritual Gifts & Drama
 Minister Sabrina Wiggins
 Spiritual Gifts & Drama Ministry

Brother Steve Walker
Multimedia Ministry

Sister Laura - Historical Comittee
Sis. Laura Gamble
Historical Committee Ministry
Website Associate

 Sister Nicole Stewart
 Children's Dance Ministry

 Sister Martina
 Singles Ministry

*Dr. Charlene  Stewart
  4E Ministry

 Brother Mack Allison
 Fitness Ministry

 Sister Karel Gregg
 Announcement Ministry

*Minister Malone
Intercessory Ministry/Music

* Brother Barksdale
  Young Men Mentorship Ministry

* Sister Rene Barksdale
  Greeters Ministry

*Caleb Biggers
Mime Ministry