Evangelistic Outreach Ministry

The Evangelistic Outreach Ministry’s (EOM) mission is to take the ministry of TLC outside the four walls of the church and into our community. We focus on individuals who do not have a relationship with Christ and are interested in salvation; and those who already have a relationship with Christ but do not have a church home. With the goal to bring Christ to each soul in the community, and to grow the church by bring the lost home, the EOM host two large outreach events each year. Where we go out in the community to win souls for Christ and introduce them to our church home. Throughout the year we provide training, and outreach materials  to those who are interested in being a part of the EOM.

Visitation Ministry

This ministry is a connection to those who are sick and shut in.  Visitation to the home and hospital are conducted by via phone and/or in person by members of the church.